WWYYC’s Secret to a Chubby Baby


One of the most common mommy questions on the planet is: “how old is your baby?”.  Yeah, I get that A LOT, I’m sure lots of parents do!  More often than not the response I get from these fellow shoppers (after I tell them how old she is) is “woah she’s big!  Yeah, she’s big, she’s well over 20 lbs now and we aren’t even quite at six months yet.  And (if it’s a lady) I’ve also gotten the question “are you just breast feeding her”, which I think is kind of a personal question, but since I am not too bothered by it I just answer them: “yes, she is”.  Side note: I always love how when people ask this they stare directly at my chest. Hahaha.  Just an observation.

So what’s my secret?  To be honest, it HAS to be the lactation cookies I bake and eat, you can find the recipe here.  I’ve religiously been baking and eating them since the day Maddy was born.  I eat two a day (if not more if I’m hangry and don’t have anything else on hand to stuff in my face).  How Sweet Eats, thank-you for this delicious recipe!


My take?  Because we all have something to tweak in every recipe (the creator of the recipe actually suggested these and I love them):

  • I cut the sugar back to 1+1/4 cup (originally 1+1/2).
  • I backed out 1/2 cup of regular flour and replaced it with 1/2 cup whole wheat flour.
  • I bump up the brewers yeast to 6 to 7 tablespoons (originally 5 tablespoons – you can get this at Community Natural Foods in their bulk bins).
  • I throw in 1/4 cup of coconut and back out that amount from the chocolate chips (I find this doesn’t compromise the consistency of the cookie).
  • I bake them for 9 minutes (I like my cookies a bit doughy and soft).

I also did the freeze method as I would prefer fresh baked cookies.  So I make a big batch to freeze and take a dozen out to bake at a time.  That way you will always have fresh baked lactation cookies!

Do you make lactation cookies?  Or do you have a tip or trick on how to boost your supply?  Leave me a note and let me know!



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